About Us

Welcome to Pawadise Dog Co., where our passion for dogs drives everything we do.  Established with the unwavering belief that our four-legged companions deserve the very best, we have dedicated ourselves to crafting exceptional products for all dogs.

We are a family & friend run business of animal lovers who simply have a passion for dogs. Being a pet food label nit-picker, the idea to start this company came about because I was tired and frustrated with seeing the garbage ingredients that are in most dog foods. I wanted to develop a fun brand that offered a variety of superior products.

For our dog food, we’ve partnered with a PhD Dog Food Scientist from Australia to help with the formulation.  Next, our Flea & Tick proprietary blends were a collaboration with a PhD in Herbal Chemistry from India.  Everything we do will have a creative but small company feel to it, including our website, so we can better connect with our customers.  We never want to be a big corporate juggernaut just striving to make a profit.

At Pawadise Dog Co., our commitment extends beyond selling high quality products for dogs; it’s a commitment to honoring the remarkable bond we share with them.  Join us in celebrating this love for our best friends that comes from the heart. 

Yes, we’re dog owners too. 

😊 Make it a Pawrific Day!!

Mike Keeler, Owner