All Classic Flavors

All Classic Flavors



Rabbit + Chicken + Beef + Pork Belly + Wild Boar + Ostrich Egg + Sweet Potato + Whipped Cream + Peanut Butter + Duck

Dogs love Popcorn

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Cottontail Rabbit

Cottontail Rabbits can run up to 18mph. Could your dog catch one?

Leghorn Chicken

We’re a fairly high energy bird and are excellent egg layers. Dogs love to try to befriend us (no thanks), chase us, and also eat us!

Mallard Duck

Did you know ducks have waterproof feathers? Too bad they don’t have dogproof meat. Quack Quack

Ostrich Egg

The largest of all eggs, weighing around 3lbs, the ostrich egg is packed with protein which dogs love! Unlike dogs who only have one stomach, ostriches have three! They are also flightless which, in theory, makes it easier to become friends with them!

Peanut Butter

Sticky, gooey, and messy but oh SO yummy! Peanut butter makes dogs go crazy, in a good way! Did you know it takes 540 lbs of peanuts to make one 12-ounce jar of peanut butter?! That’s NUTS!

Pork Belly

What do dogs like even more than bacon? That’s right, Pork Belly! Don’t let the small portion size fool you…this piece of piggy is bursting with flavor and is enough to make the pickiest of dogs “oink“ with delight.

Red Agnus Beef

We produce exceptionally delicious meat that dogs just love. Our name comes from the color of our coats which is a reddish-brown. We can get pretty big with males maxing out around 1800 lbs!

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potatoes are the only type of potatoes that you should give your dog.

Whipped Cream

A true delicacy for dogs, whipped cream is a very special treat. Airy and light while still being creamy and sweet …this spells perfect treat for our BFF’s. They just can’t get enough!

Wild Boar

Wild Boars have an extra layer of skin that acts as a shield when fighting. Try this extra moist meat for your dog.


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